To register and login, you can use self-custodial Lightning wallet (Phoenix, Blixt, BlueWallet, …).

By scanning the QR code for the first time, your account will be created. Scanning the QR next time, with the same wallet, will log you in.

After registration we suggest to set your real email (like for the communication purposes with buyers.

If you are serious about selling, provide a real phone number and email address so that potential buyers can contact you.

New: You can provide your Signal link and potential buyer can contact you with Signal app and your phone number will be not revealed

Submit add/listing

Registered users can submit their products and/or services for free for 60 days. After this period your listing will expire.

You will be notified by e-mail about expiration and you can renew the listing in your dashboard.

When submitting new listing, please select appropriate category and subcategory. Select desired “Price type” and add your price in Euro. Euro is default currency on fleadee.

You can upload up to 5 images

A place on map can be selected but it’s not mandatory.

If you are planning submit more listings, it’s recommended to set your location in your Profile. This way your location will be prefilled in every submission.


Buyer and seller can communicate in different ways.

Chat – The buyer can write to the seller via chat directly on the website. This communication is deleted after 30 days.
In case you are offline a mail notification will be sent to your mailbox.

E-mail message – buyer is able to sent you a mail message through our server (working mail address in your profile is needed)

Paid services

If you want to highlight your listing, you can do it in User’s dashboard (3 dots -> Promote) and select “Top” or “Featured” services for your listing.

At checkout, fill your name and e-mail and continue with payment through our BTCPay Server.